Hotchpotch Dundee: Standards of Behaviour

Hotchpotch is a monthly open-mic event hosted by Gavin and Eilidh, where writers are encouraged to read their work to an audience. To help our events flow smoothly, we have drawn up Standards of Behaviour that attendees must abide by.

  1. Do not pressure attendees to read. Many people come to listen rather than participate, so non-readers and non-writers are as welcome as everyone else. We always need an audience.
  2. Readers are allowed up to five minutes each. There is a traffic light timer to keep track of time. Hosts will usually allow you to go slightly over, but if done more than once, we will politely remind you. Remember others will be awaiting their turn. We need to finish the event by 9pm.
  3. Speak to the host if you want to experiment. Hotchpotch is primarily for poetry and prose, but we feature the occasional musician, comedian, etc. We will try to accommodate your act. We will usually place music acts after a break to allow time for setup.
  4. Silence is expected during readings. We all occasionally make mistakes or perform work that others dislike. Nonetheless, this is not the place to heckle or comment, and anyone being disruptive may be asked to leave. Readers may also consider giving content warnings as necessary.
  5. Harassment of any type will not be tolerated. We foster a supportive environment, so harassment of hosts, venue staff or members is strictly prohibited. If you witness an attendee giving or receiving unwanted attention, talk to a host and/or the venue staff. Anyone found to be disrespectful will be refused the opportunity to read or may be asked to leave.
  6. Seek consent for pictures, recordings and social media connections. You are welcome to take pictures and recordings if you seek consent from anyone who will be in the recording, hosts included. Anyone can follow Hotchpotch on social media, but this does not necessarily extend to the hosts and attendees.
  7. Show appreciation to Blend with your custom and with donations. This allows us to use the venue each month. There will usually be at least one break to visit the counter.
  8. Bulletin contributions are for attendees only. Our bulletins will usually contain details of other local events that are likely to appeal to writers. To be in the bulletin, your event needs to be relevant for the targeted audience, and you need to attend one of our events. It will be at the discretion of the hosts whether your event is added.

Updated 18 Apr 2024